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food and fun you can walk to right now

Having recently made a move from the great walkable city of New York to Colorado, I wanted to maintain an active lifestyle and great walkability to restaurants, bars, entertainment, etc.  So, being a bit of a tech and map geek, I developed LetsWalkTo.com to help find restaurants, entertainment, etc. within walking distance of wherever I may be.

Because I like to travel, I designed the tool to work globally so I could use it either on my laptop at home or on my smartphone while travelling.

LetsWalkTo.com could be useful if you:
·         are planning a trip and want to find a hotel that’s close to restaurants and entertainment
·         just moved to a new area and want to explore what’s nearby
·         are travelling in a new city right now and not sure where to go out
·         want to get a good, long walk in on your lunch break, and want to grab a bite along the way
·         are considering relocating and want to ensure you pick a walkable neighborhood
·         you’re stuck in a rut and want to find something new to try
·         want to see how far you could walk in a given time to get in some exercise
·         want to find a place to reward yourself with a beer after your 45 minute walk J

Give it a try, and please let me know at LetsWalkTo@gmail.com how it works for you and if you have suggestions for how to improve it.