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Help & Tips

Let’sWalkTo helps you find restaurants, bars and entertainment within walking distance.

To get started:
1. Choose what you're looking for from the drop-down (restaurants, bars, entertainment, etc.)
2. Type the number of minutes you want to walk
3. Start from your current location (default) or type any address
4. Optionally, type keywords to filter your results further (e.g. pizza, live music, thai, wine), and set your preferred price range ($ - $$$$)
5. Click "Go!"

Once the map updates
from the list view, you can
        - view all establishments that meet your criteria, starting with the shortest walk
        - click a listing to see it on the map
        - view average overall ratings according to Google
        - get the street addresses
from the map view, you can
        - click an icon on the map to highlight it in the list view
        - view street photo and phone number
        - click to show walking directions
        - click the establishment name to access menus and full details

What's included in each drop-down menu category?
restaurants: restaurants, cafes, bakeries
bars: bars, casinos, night clubs
restaurants & bars: all of the above
entertainment: entertainment, amusement parks, aquariums, art galleries, book stores, bowling alleys, casinos, libraries, movie rentals, movie theatres, museums, parks, spas, stadiums, zoos
all of the above: all of the above
grocery & liquor stores: grocery stores, supermarkets, liquor stores
atms: atms / cashpoints


Why are the icons on the map different sizes?
    The larger the icon, the higher the rating according to Google

Where do I find walking directions?
    Click the "Show walking directions" link from the establishment's icon on the map

Can I set my starting point from the map rather than type in an address?
    Yes, check the "Start from where I click" box in the upper-right, then you can click the map at any location you want to use as your starting point

If I'm on my smartphone, how do I update the map to use my current location as the starting point?
    Click the  button in the upper-right to update your starting point to your current location